Attainable Resolutions (aka goals) For Every Day

By Larissa Beecher

Do you set an unattainable resolution every year, just to find yourself disappointed?  Do you use this “failure” as a way of spiraling into negative self-talk?  Do you even bother setting goals for yourself, or do you think you are unworthy or incapable of improvement?  So many people set a resolution every year, oftentimes the same exact one every January 1st.  These may include weight loss, looking “better”, saving up a certain amount of money, or getting a higher-paying job.  Have you ever considered a health-focused resolution instead?  Rather than using this “new year, new me” energy to beat yourself up, it may be a wonderful opportunity for positive self-improvement.

Prioritize veggies: can you set a goal to eat more vegetables? If you normally eat none, try to include one vegetable into a meal a day! If you love them already, can you diversify the kinds you are eating?

Find exercise that works for you: every month, what if you tried out a new, fun form of exercise? Examples: hiking, rock climbing, dance (Zumba, barre, etc), pole, aerial yoga

Finally make a first appointment with a therapist: If you’ve been considering making an appointment to seek help, please use this as a sign that you should.  There is never anything wrong or weak about prioritizing your mental health.

Facetime with a friend every week: Do all of your best friends from college live far away from you? Be more intentional about reaching out.

Go outside more: You could set a weekly goal for how frequently you take a walk or hike outside, or even just step outside for a moment as your coffee brews in the morning.

Other self-care doctor’s appointments: dentist, yearly physical, ob/gyn, etc: I know these appointments are not fun.  But, they are necessary.

Social media cleanse: Go through your following list a few people at a time and unfollow anyone who doesn’t make you feel good about yourself.

House cleanse: Go through your house with a plastic bag and see what you could get rid of, sell, or donate!

Even small changes can make a big difference and give you a sense of accomplishment. Add your own to the list and let me know how it goes! xo

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