Workshop at Omega Institute by Katie Beecher, Medical Intuitive

Use this link to sign up and learn more:

If you haven’t already signed up, thank you and I look forward to working with you! FYI (Please don’t shoot the messenger if this is against your beliefs), Omega requires vaccinations for staff and attendees) .

I am incredibly excited to be hosting a week-long workshop at Omega! Every time I attended a workshop there as a student, I told myself that I would teach there one day and that time has come. Aside from the fantastic workshops, Staying at Omega is such a great experience!  Three meals a day of healthy food and free daily yoga, tai chi and other classes are included. The grounds are beautiful. I met amazing people while I was there, friendships I have still maintained years after. It’s fun to eat and hang out with the other participants and the instructor  (me!) between classes too.  If you don’t want to stay on the premises there are lots of bed and breakfast, hotel and Airbnb options too.

From the Omega Catalog:

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