You Can Heal from Anxiety, Including Health Anxiety

There are many reasons for health anxiety, often based on feeling like you will never get better, never be helped, seen or heard and feeling like your body has control over you, not the other way around. It also happens when you don’t feel safe and don’t have a spiritual or intuitive connection to guide you through life. You may feel alone and rudderless. 

There are also many physical contributors to anxiety that most people are completely unaware of and are absolutely treatable. 

When anxiety crosses over into obsession, it is no longer serving us and can interfere with health and happiness. 

You may feel that if you are not constantly working on healing, thinking about healing and “health” and trying to solve your problems, it will never happen but this is NOT TRUE.  Obsession keeps you in sick mode and makes it impossible to be present and enjoy life. It blocks you from listening to your body and intuition, which is essential for health and wellness. It also becomes an addiction which distracts you from dealing with your feelings, underlying trauma and problems you need to address. Loosening up on your false sense of control actually helps you gain more control. 

I have helped so many people let go of health and other severe anxiety. It is a common issue that comes up in my readings, so if you are dealing with it you are not alone. I have witnessed huge transformations. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

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