Retreat From Home?

One of the most important and fun parts of my readings are the intuitive soul paintings.  It is amazing to receive symbolic information from my intuition and guides about people’s personalities, bodies, energy and spiritual connections.  I have taught this in workshops to others and we have all enjoyed the experience immensely.  You don’t have to be an artist or intuitive to create these paintings or to use them to learn about yourself and others. 

When I was asked to take part in this online retreat, I decided to offer this experience online so you could all try it for free.  It means so much to me to be able to share my gifts with as many people as possible.  Hope you enjoy it and the other presenters! It begins December 20th!

Want to carve out time to dream, refuel, and have some FUN?

To access your FULL feminine power?

To attend a spirit filling retreat… from home?

I’m inviting you to come with me to the most popular online women’s retreat in the world…  for FREE! (So popular over 65,000+ women have attended previous seasons).Welcome to the Woman UNLEASHED Online Retreat

We are choosing to do the holidays, New Year’s differently. We’re slowing down. Listening. Aligning to our soul and what calls us. During the retreat, we have sessions on art + journaling + movement + mini-workshops to help you tap into your passion, feminine power, intuition, and creativity. Sessions are led by world-renowned artists, teachers, speakers, authors and healers from all over the world (including me).

If you’re feeling called to nourish yourself and have some fun during this season, to fully awaken your feminine power and stoke to that creative fire to make a difference and inspire others,

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When you sign up you’re able to:
• Attend the retreat sessions around your schedule.
• Wear your comfy yoga pants. No need to brush your hair or look pretty.
• Drink tea (or wine) from your favorite cup.
• Be a part of a global sisterhood of women who are saying YES!! to themselves, who are choosing to do this time of the year differently.

Now, more than ever, women need to listen to their soul, their calling and live a life inspired.


P.S. I know it can be easy to feel like there is so much to do during this time. But what if this was the best season yet? What if you created a time that felt sacred and connecting for you? What if you started 2020 feeling nourished, rested and inspired?

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