What’s The Deal With Detoxing?

The first step when starting any healing program or for just maintaining good health is detoxing. Intimidated by the idea of detoxing? You don’t have to be. You don’t have to starve yourself or go on a juice fast. ?It starts with understanding toxicity.

Unfortunately, we are surrounded by chemicals, including pesticides, GMOs, pollution, medications in the water, perfumes and other scents, plastics and more, which are all potential toxins. Our bodies all contain viruses and bacteria, whether active or inactive, which also add to the toxic load. Let’s not forget mold.

Many people have difficulty with detoxing naturally because of genetic issues like MTHFR, liver disease, lack of proper exercise, even stress. Poor quality diets with too much sugar, processed foods and not enough nutrients also contribute. Our immune system is on overdrive, always fighting against the toxic invaders.

If you understand this, you can understand that even introducing natural, usually non toxic things into a toxic body can overload it. I believe that so called “herxing” is actually the body’s reaction to fighting toxins. How can you avoid these symptoms? By detoxing first. ?.

What does this mean? Eliminate GMOs, pesticides and other chemicals. Eliminate chemicals from your cleaning products, aluminum in your deodorant, cosmetics, sunscreen and more. Stop using plastic. Use food and other nutrients as medicine as much as possible. Filter your water. Move your body and sweat. Don’t forget about cleansing your environment of clutter and cleansing your mind of negative thoughts. Eliminate the people in your life who make you feel badly about yourself. The last two things I mentioned are especially important for sensitive and empathic people because being sensitive makes you more susceptible to toxins. These are just a few suggestions but there is more you can do including homeopathic detox remedies. You can certainly fast if you want, but it isn’t necessary.

Be good to yourselves❤️

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