How I Healed Myself From Indoor and Outdoor Allergies

These are the things that have helped me eradicate year round and seasonal allergies and recommendations I make to clients.  I used to take two prescription allergy medications plus an over the counter one. Now I don’t need any of those and have virtually no symptoms unless the pollen is incredibly high and even then, the symptoms are very manageable.  I hope at least some of them will be helpful for you.  If I can answer any individual questions, please let me know.  You may already be doing some of these things but I’ve included everything.  

1. Dietary changes:

Going gluten and dairy free were game changers for me.  I don’t have celiacs and I don’t have to be 100% strict with it anymore but for many reasons I feel better when I avoid these things as much as possible.  

2. People with allergies are often histamine sensitive and their bodies may have difficulty producing natural anti-histamines.  If you Google histamine sensitivity and look for a list of foods, you will find that many healthy foods cause the body to produce histamines.  These include fermented foods, mushrooms, many vegetables and many foods with gluten and dairy.  Avoiding these foods has helped me considerably, especially during high pollen seasons.

3. Related to histamines, it can be very helpful to take DAO and supplements like D-Hist or Hista-Block.  These help the body make natural antihistamines in the gut.  Other helpful supplements are quercetin and stinging nettle.  There are others as well.  Many homeopathic remedies are also helpful as is acupuncture. 

4. Avoid allergy medications and anti-histamines as they have been shown to interfere with the body’s natural production of anti-histamines

5. Optimum gut health and probiotics that support anti-histamine production are helpful

6. Avoiding toxins, chemicals, artificial fragrances and other things that tax the immune system are helpful since they make the immune system work harder and add to the toxic load, like pollen and other allergens.

7. Avoid mold.  There are foods that people with mold sensitivities feel better when avoiding like cauliflower and mushrooms for instance.

8. Avoid sugar, a high carb diet and foods that fuel candida and yeast production.

9. Strengthen your adrenals.  I can suggest some supplements.  One of my favorites is a glandular called Adrenal Support.  I also love Chinese medicine for this.  

10. Shower frequently to remove pollen and other allergens

11. X clear is one of my very favorite products.  It’s like a portable neti pot without the mess and it is all-natural.  

12. If you tend to get sinus infections, at the very first sign, start putting drops of colloidal silver in your nose three or four times a day along with x clear.  Do that for at least a week.  I have done that ever since having sinus surgery for recurring sinus infections in my 20’s and I have only had to take anti-biotics one time since.  

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