Upcoming Events

August 24, 2019

Jacksonville, FL

House of Leaf and Bean Organic Restaurant & Café
14474 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville, FL , 32250

Time: 6-7:30 PM | Cost: Free

During this free lecture you will learn:

– What medical intuition is and how you are already using it.
– How you can use your own intuition to heal and sustain emotional and physical wellness including choosing foods that are best for your body and individual issues.
– How to use intuition to help with intuitive eating and to help determine food intolerances


Past Events

June 22, 2019

Austin, TX

Transform Your Life With Medical Intuition Workshop – In this information packed, hands on workshop,
internationally acclaimed Medical Intuitive,
Licensed Professional Counselor and certified
medium Katie Beecher will teach you some of her
exclusive techniques that you can use to enhance your own life and the lives of others.

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