Depression or Anxiety? What You Can Do To TRULY Make A Difference

I know these things work to help with anxiety and depression.

How can I be so sure?  In addition to seeing them work for countless clients in my thirty years of being a Licensed Professional Counselor and more recently, a Medical and Emotional Intuitive, they have worked for me.  I never thought I would be rid of the sometimes debilitating depression I encountered nearly every day from age 12 to my late 40’s.  I certainly never thought that anything could help the anxiety I felt , starting long before age 12.

I was put on Prozac in the 90’s, two years after it came out and at first, I thought it was a miracle.  I did feel better but it never fully took away my symptoms.  With two childbirths and many years of stress, other medications had to be added and adjusted.  Still, medications brought no lasting relief.  All of the things on the list did however.

Several years ago, I found out that I had likely had Lyme Disease and other co-infections since I was a child, hanging out in the woods and beaches of CT, very close to the town of Lyme.  I didn’t have all of the traditional symptoms, but I knew something was off, even though blood tests hadn’t confirmed it, at least not at first.  When I started treatment with an alternative practitioner, without damaging antibiotics or other medications, I was amazed that the last traces of depression and much of the anxiety began dissipating.  The healthier I got physically, the better I felt mentally.  Of course, I worked hard on my relationship with spirit to get to the other root causes, faced fears, made personal changes and became even more committed to an anti-inflammatory, low carb diet and more exercise.  I completely distanced myself from negative people and set even stricter boundaries.  More than three years later, the illness is still eradicated and I still feel great.

I am still and will always be a work in progress.  I’m not completely off the meds but have cut down considerably and successfully.  I still adhere to a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet, the vast majority of the time but if I really want something and feel good about it intuitively, I don’t deny myself.  Have you had success with the things on the list?  Have some worked better than others?  I’d love to hear about it.  Please post your comments!

With love as always

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