Internationally Acclaimed Medical & Emotional Intuitive and Licensed Counselor

Root cause, holistic healing and wellness with proven results. My unique readings include an extensive report and intuitive soul painting, created knowing only your name and age, and one hour meeting. It’s time to finally get the help you deserve. Accuracy and abilities verified by medical professionals, celebrities, and major publications.  

"We've never had an experience quite like being read by Medical Intuitive Katie Beecher. In our experience, all of this was eerily accurate"

- Goop


“I learned more about my physical and emotional health in an hour with Katie than I’ve ever learned from anyone else.”

Are you sick of spinning your wheels trying to be healthier, happier and more successful? Tired of going from doctor to doctor, healer to healer and spending a fortune without getting results?  I’ve been there myself and it is why I do things differently!  Check out these resources to learn more about what I can do for you.


Mind, Body & Spiritual Intuitive Reading - Business & Career Intuitive Session - Animal Readings

The experience I provide is exceptional and different from other medical intuitives, spiritual counselors, intuitive coaches and healers. It includes an individualized four page report and symbolic watercolor painting. Using information from my guides and techniques from Jungian psychology, I develop a plan to help you with self love, health, optimum relationships, connection to intuitive gifts, more creativity, financial success and much more.



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153 Five Star Facebook Reviews! View Here
153 Five Star Facebook Reviews! View Here

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