• Most intuitives simply offer an hour of consultation. In addition to the hour reading, I provide a detailed, four page report and symbolic watercolor painting
  • I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with thirty years of experience
  • My work has a demonstrated accuracy of 97% as shown in an article in an international peer reviewed journal
  • I create the report and painting knowing ONLY your name and age, before talking to you or seeing a photo
  • I am featured in and endorsed by Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness magazine, GOOP
  • You can often use an HSA account and may be eligible for out of network insurance reimbursement
  • The readings contain information about all aspects of your health and well being including physical, emotional and spiritual root causes
  • I work in conjunction with other medical professionals when appropriate
  • I have over 100 five star reviews on my Facebook page
  • I have personal experience with difficult issues, having recovered from an eating disorder, Lyme Disease, depression and anxiety and more


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