Do you have the courage to be authentic or are you hiding your true self?

  1. When you are out on a first date:
    A. You feel nervous that your date won’t like you
    B. You politely leave if you feel uncomfortable
    C. You look up your date on social media before so you can do and say all the right things
    D. You let them know if you would like to see them again

  2. At a job interview:
    A. You ask questions about the job
    B. You are terrified of saying or doing something “dumb”
    C. You are honest about your strengths and weaknesses
    D. You puff up your resume

  3. When you see someone you like in the grocery store who you haven’t encountered in a while:
    A. You compare your life to theirs
    B. You make an effort to talk to them
    C. You feel embarrassed by your appearance
    D. You leave feeling good about yourself

  4. At the gym:
    A. You hold in your stomach and flex your muscles
    B. You allow yourself to have tired days
    C. You push yourself hard to keep up with others
    D. You encourage others and cheer them on

  5. With friends:
    A. You are able to express your opinions
    B. You feel insecure when you aren’t dressed up
    C. You pretend you are happy even if you aren’t
    D. You let people know if you are upset with them

  6. On social media:
    A. You don’t post pictures unless you are looking your best
    B. You talk about your feelings rather than what you think people want to hear
    C. You use body or face modifying apps
    D. You aren’t afraid to laugh at yourself and don’t mind if others do either

If you answered the following:

  1. B & D
  2. A & C
  3. B & D
  4. B & D
  5. A & D
  6. B & D

Congratulations, you have the courage to be your authentic self. Be proud of yourself, It isn’t always easy.


If you answered the following:

  1. A & C
  2. B & D
  3. A & C
  4. A & C
  5. B & C
  6. A & C

You might need to boost your self-confidence a bit. You are not alone. It’s a process and doesn’t happen overnight. Start by making a list of things you like about yourself.

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