How to Stop Craving Sugar

My latest Poosh article is all about a food we love to hate….sugar. I don’t like to label any food bad or good, especially with my history of an eating disorder and as a chronic dieter. I learned the hard way that when we try to control what we eat based on negativity, rather than tuning in to what our bodies want or need, the consequences can be disastrous.

Most of us have no idea what our bodies want or even how to recognize when we begin to get hungry. We seem to be obsessed with health and wellness yet listening to everyone but our own intuition, which is what knows what we need best. We try to figure out how we “should” eat, how to exercise, what foods to avoid, how to detox and more based on books and internet posts, rather than listening to ourselves.

When we try to control everything, we block out our intuition and our hunger. We block out what we need and want. I don’t believe in restricting food unless you need to do it for very specific health reasons but there are reasons to limit sugar, which we are all aware. Increased risk of diabetes, fatigue, negative impact on the skin, immune system and mood, GMO consumption with many sugars and weight are just a few. Hope you enjoy the article!

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