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by Larissa Beecher

My Philosophy

As an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certified personal trainer with a psychology degree and a current Master’s in Mental Health Counseling student, I think it is important to incorporate life coaching along with the typical movement and nutrition coaching that you can expect from a personal trainer.

I am a health and life coach who focuses primarily on helping my clients treat their bodies with the love, respect, and health-pursuing behaviors that they deserve. I have experience working with individuals who are pursuing weight loss or gain, who want to manage chronic illness and pain, and those with eating disorders. I also help people who simply want to learn more about proper exercise techniques in order to achieve optimal results and avoid injury. I strive to educate with accurate information that does not reinforce the appearance-based, often guilt-inducing, and body-shaming information that is present in many popular diet and fitness programs. Your overall mental and physical health will always be more important than the size and shape of your body. How you feel emotionally can affect nearly every aspect of your life and can particularly influence the way in which you treat your body. If we only focus on behavioral changes, such as beginning a new exercise regimen or changing your nutrition intake, we will be ignoring the cognitive and lifestyle challenges that are likely to present throughout this process.

In an appointment with me, you can expect:

Collaboration: I want you to feel empowered to be an active participant in your health journey and to trust your intuition. You will always know your body better than I ever could.

Encouragement: Explore movement that feels great for you! We will work together to find exercises that feel enjoyable and accessible, including but not limited to weight lifting and strength building, body weight exercises, flexibility, and cardiovascular and aerobic activities.

Both exercise and talking: I find that movement can release sensitive, often stressful topics that you may have stored physically in your body, consciously or unconsciously. Your health journey will benefit from confronting the aspects of your mental and physical health that you want to work on.

Honesty, confidentiality, and a lack of judgement: It is my role to grant you the emotional space necessary to heal and aid personal growth, rather than criticize, patronize, or minimize your feelings and experiences.


If you would like to work with me but truly cannot afford these prices, I strongly encourage you to reach out to me. We can discuss more flexible payment options and pricing, as I want to be as accessible as possible.

Total Wellness Package

1 ½ hour movement assessment (worth $115)

8 week personalized exercise program (worth $40)

1 hour appointment to learn movements in the program (worth $75)

1 hour check in appointment (worth $75)

Total Value: $305


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Hourly Rate - Training and Coaching

Online sessions. I prefer to meet through a video call, but if you do not have access to a webcam we can do it over the phone as well. If you live in Central Massachusetts, there is a chance we can meet in person with masks and social distancing.


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